Chief Legal Partner Announcement: Ressos Legal

We are thrilled to announce that Ressos Crypto Attorneys will be joining $WHALE as the Chief Legal Partner for the Whale Community.

Based out of Singapore and Hong Kong, Ressos are the preeminent crypto legal experts in the Asia Pacific region with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, experience and clientele in the crypto industry.

Moving forward, this partnership builds upon the existing relationship to provide $WHALE with greater visibility, knowledge and guidance on legal, contractual and regulatory matters, all of which have increased significantly with $WHALE and the Whale Community’s growth.

“Ressos have been critical to our growth and regulatory compliance as we have grown from a $150,000 market cap community, to one that is valued over $250 million today. As social tokens continue to pick up steam, it is essential that $WHALE is legally protected and compliant and I cannot think of a better partner to accomplish this with” says WhaleShark, founder of $WHALE.

“As an international law firm specialising in the crypto industry, we are thrilled to serve as Chief Legal Partner to the $WHALE project under the leadership of WhaleShark, patron of the arts in the NFT space. $WHALE is the leading social token. We look forward to working even more closely with the number #1 in the market and are incredibly excited about the future. NFTs and social tokens are taking blockchain to the next level, and $WHALE is way ahead of the curve.”, says Dr. Alexander Ressos, Managing Director of Ressos Legal Pte. Ltd.

As $WHALE continues to move to greater heights, Ressos will provide legal and regulatory advice, while also remaining permanent professional directors of both Cetacea Pte. Ltd. and Crypta Pte. Ltd.

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